NEIKER-Tecnalia – Project Coordinator

Logo-Neiker-Tecnalia-miniaturaBasque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (NEIKER-Tecnalia) founded in 1998, is a Public Society property of the Basque Government dedicated to the research and development, technological transfer and analytical services in agricultural, livestock, forest, environmental and natural resources. Member since December 2006 of the Technological Corporation TECNALIA, NEIKER-Tecnalia is nowadays a Technological Center specialized in Agricultural Innovation, Environment and Natural Resources studies.

NEIKER-Tecnalia develops activities of strategic and applied research, dealing these as the works of experimentation that, based on the basic research, are realized to acquire new knowledge in specific practical aims to short and half term, respectively, and to take part in the technological development, technological transfer, technical advice and services for the agricultural, livestock, forest and natural resource sectors.


Logo-CSIR-miniaturaThe Water Research Institute (WRI) is one of the 13 research institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is a public institution and was established in 1996 from the merger of the former Institute of Aquatic Biology (IAB) and the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) of the CSIR which were established in the 1960s.

Its vision is to become a centre of excellence in water and related resources, research and development by generating appropriate technologies and providing services that are responsive to demands of the private sector and for socio-economic development of Ghana.

Its mission is to conduct research into water and related resources through the generation and provision of scientific information, strategies and services towards the rational development, utilisation and management of water resources of Ghana in support of socio–economic advancement of the country, especially in the agriculture, environment, health, industry, energy, transportation, education and tourism sectors.


Logo-CORAF-WECARD-miniaturaCORAF/WECARD was created in 1987 as the Conference of the African and French leaders of agricultural research institutes. In 1995, it became the Conference of the agricultural research leaders in West and Central Africa. In July 1999 the name was changed to the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development.

Its vision is to contribute to sustainable reduction of poverty and food insecurity in West and Central Africa achieved through agricultural led economic growth, and improvement of agricultural research system of the sub-region. The mission is underlined by the determination to meet the socioeconomic needs of the population in the sub-region.

The general objective of CORAF/WECARD is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of small-scale producers and promote the agribusiness sector. For that reason, it puts the producers and end-users at the centre of research.


israISRA (Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute) is the leading agricultural research institution of Senegal. The main tasks of ISRA are: the design and execution of research programs on crop, forest, animal and fish production and rural economy; the creation of scientific knowledge, the generation of technological innovations and the development of decision support tools to improve the agricultural sector; the valuation and transfer of research results; promotion and research training through research; the development of scientific cooperation as well as with the Inter-African and international research institutions and universities in Senegal.